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  • When and where do you meet?
    We meet at 6:30 PM every Wednesday and 9:00 AM every Sunday. The Wednesday evening meet ups are at a fixed location each week. From approximately the time we spring forward until October, we meet at Jacob L. Loose park near the tennis courts on the west side of the park, near 52nd Terrace and Summit Street s. Then, beginning around October, on Wednesday evenings we meet at the Mill Creek Park parking lot across from The Levee Bar and Grill (16 W 43rd St.), near the intersection of 43rd St. and Main St. The Sunday meetup location varies each week, but always happens at 9 AM. See the schedule for the next location. A new Sunday schedule is published each quarter, and is available on this website, the Facebook group page, and an email distribution list. Please contact Randy Hite if you’d like to be included on the email distribution list. Please make every effort to arrive on-time or early, especially if you’re going to a new/unfamiliar location.
  • Do I have to be fast or an endurance runner to enjoy the group?
    Not at all! This group is open to all abilities, and includes slow, medium, and fast walkers and runners. You always have the option to customize your route/distance to your comfort level. The goal is to meet again at the starting point, whether you go the extra distance or shorten the route is entirely up to you.
  • I'd rather walk, is that OK?"
    Yes! We have many walkers in our group. It's a great way to visit while you excercise. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a brisk power walk, we have plenty of members who would enjoy walking with you.
  • What happens after the run/walk?
    Tradition has it we go out for a meal at a nearby restaurant, or a member’s house on occasion. The meals are casual (we’re in our workout attire, after all), and generally affordably priced. A majority of members will eat after the event, and it’s a great way to get to know people in the group.
  • How many people typically attend a run/walk meetup?
    It depends on the time, season, and especially the weather. On a warm summer Wednesday evening, we've had dozens attend. If the weather is challenging (think single digits and windy or heavy rain, thunderstorms), perhaps we’ll all wait for better conditions another time. Wednesday evenings usually have the highest attendance, but there are many who attend both events each week.
  • How long are the routes?
    Run routes typically range between 4 and 6 miles, and each member can adjust it to suit her or his abilities and goals. Wednesday routes are usually published on the day of the run, and Sunday routes are available well in advance by viewing the scheduled event. Walkers do not typically follow a pre-defined route as the runners do. About 45 minutes after the start, both runners and walkers return to the starting point.
  • What is your weather cancellation policy?
    The decision to attend any run/walk meetup is entirely up to the individual member, who assumes any and all risk. We encourage you to use your best judgement and err on the side of caution whenever the weather or conditions are not ideal. Often during inclement weather, members will comment on Facebook about the conditions, and if they are still planning to attend. If it's extremely cold or raining a good amount, we sometimes run/walk the indoor track at HyVee Arena. Check the Facebook group page to see if that's happening. Admission for the indoor track is around $6.
  • Is the group active year-round?
    Yes. Our biggest attendance is in the spring/summer/fall, but winter events are a thing too. So if it's cold, layer up and we'll see you. If it's truly frigid, (think single digits), chances are we'll meet at HyVee Arena or just meet up for a meal.
  • What happens at a typical event?
    Members generally arrive before the event start time and socialize, especially during good weather. Then we introduce ourselves, share announcements, and determine where to eat after the event. Then the runners meet to review the route, while the walkers begin. About 45 minutes after the start, runners and walkers begin to return to the meeting place and visit. Once everyone is back, we go out and have a meal together. The meals are by no means required, but they are a great way to meet.
  • Is it OK if I can only attend on rare occasions?
    For sure! Many of us have busy schedules or travel. Attend whenever is convenient for you.
  • What are your members like?
    Our members have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, from college students to retirees, from those just coming out, to those who have been partnered for decades. Our common bond is our connection to the LGBT community and our appreciation for running/walking. The group is friendly, wants to socialize, and also appreciates the health and fitness aspects of what we do.
  • What are the advantages to joining the group on Facebook?
    The Facebook group is the primary means of communications among the members, and for announcements, etc. Tim Gee also sends convenient event invites via Facebook, so be sure to send him a friend request and let him know you’re with the group. This site,, is intended to provide the general information about the group and highlights of important announcements. Although it’s not required to join the Facebook group, you’ll find it has many benefits, and you’ll learn names a lot faster!
  • Are there dues or other membership requirements?
    No, we're a dues-free club. Occasioually we accept donations to cover the costs of the complimentary refreshments offered during the warmer months, and website expenses, but no, you don't pay anything to be a member of the Kansas City Frontrunners.
  • Besides run and walk meetups, does your group offer any other activities?"
    Yes! Besides going out for a meal after each event, we also have social events throughout the year. We've had float trips, days at the park, Royals games, and our annual potluck chili dinner. We also appreciate anyone interested in organizing a social event.
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